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Dr Enrico De Barbieri

Italian De Barbieri appointed KNPC Goodwill Ambassador, Special envoy

Italian businessman and diplomat Enrico De Barbieri has been appointed as the Kenya National
Paralympic Committee (KNPC) Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy.
Making the appointment, the KNPC president Ronald Milare said that Mr. De Barbieri, who has been the
Ambassador of Genoa in the World since 2018, will help in collaboration and partnership with the Italian
Paralympic Committee and other international organizations.

Mr. Milare said that Mr. De Barbieri will help build upon existing partnerships and forge new
collaborations hence facilitating knowledge exchange, joint initiatives and mutual support.
“He will help in promoting Kenyan Paralympic activities across the world; by leveraging various
platforms and partnerships,” said Mr. Milare, adding that KNPC is confident in Mr. De Barbieri’s ability to
raise awareness and garner support for Paralympic sports in Kenya.
Mr. Milare said that Mr. De Barbieri will explore diverse funding opportunities to secure the necessary
resources to enhance training programmes, infrastructure and support services for Paralympic athletes
in Kenya.

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Accepting the appointment, Mr. De Barbieri, who has visited Kenya before, said that he is eager to
contribute to the advancement of Paralympic sports in Kenya and beyond with his fervent dedication to
sports diplomacy and a strong belief in the transformative power of Paralympic activities.
“Having followed the remarkable strides made by the Kenya National Paralympic Committee, I am
inspired by your commitment to recognizing and empowering all Paralympic athletes,” explained Mr. De
Barbieri, adding that it is evident that Kenya possesses incredible talent within the Paralympic
“I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work alongside the committee to promote these athletes on
a global stage,” said Mr. De Barbieri, who has represented many well-known Italian institutions and
companies abroad, bringing them to the wide knowledge of the many countries in which he has

About Mr. De Barbieri
Marco Bucci, Mayor of the city, nominated Mr. De Barbieri as Ambassador of Genoa in the World in
2018 as a recognition of his desire, among other goals, to use the power of sport to create a more
inclusive and supportive world also for Italian Paralympic athletes.
Besides being South African Honorary Consul in Genoa for more than 16 years, his long commitment as
a mediator in corporate internationalization processes, with particular attention to the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, testifies to his belief in the transformative potential of economic and social
Son and grandson of well-known musicians, raised in a family context steeped in culture and
commitment, Mr. De Barbieri developed an interest in the world and its many facets from a young age.
His professional path is a mosaic of important roles and social commitment.

He currently holds the position of President of the Lions Club of Genoa Albaro, demonstrating a strong
bond with the local community and a constant commitment to causes of solidarity.
At the same time, his presidency of the Istituto del Nastro Azzurro and the National Association of War
Volunteers of the Metropolitan Area of Genoa and of the Rovereto (Trento) section of the Associazione
Nazionale Carabinieri (ANC) underlines his profound respect for institutions and his commitment to the
defence of fundamental values.
Find out about Enrico De Barbieri from his website (

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